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ActivateNM Membership

Included in Membership
  • CNM Ingenuity Activate NM Business Incubator
  • Interactive Startup Roadmap
  • Your Business Dashboard
  • Obtain Your EIN Number
  • LLC Formation Tutorial
  • Personalized Business Documents
  • Business Document Storage
  • 1-to-1 Initial Business Consultation

Business Coach Partner Program

One Year License
  • The High Value, Low Touch Way to Develop Wantrapreneurs into Your Entrepreneurs
  • All the Features of the Professional InBizWorks Platform, with Your Brand, in Your Network.
  • Onboard New Clients and get them Upskilled and Prepared for Your Higher Value Coaching Services
  • Your Pricing is your Business, You Can Charge Your Clients What Makes Sense for Your Business
  • Levels of Customization Available
  • Concierge Service for Early Adopters
  • Limited to 5 Coaching Partner Places - Early Adopter Program closes April 30, 2020